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Some noteworthy points about our machinery::
  • Competitive pricing at 20-70% below our competition
  • Scaling accuracy of +/- 1.5g on our dividers with cut speed up to 150 cuts per minute
  • Our machinery does not use hydraulics, oil or vacuum
  • Low-noise operation
  • 3-year manufacturers warranty on all Ayash machinery
  • Machinery is low-maintenance and requires no rebuilding as some competitor machines do every 2-5 years
  • We have over 25 Ayash Tortilla dividers/rounders and over 30 Ayash dough pumps & chunkers in operation worldwide.
  • We have 6 Ayash Bun dividers/rounders operating 24/6 for the past 16 years in one plant
  • We offer a referral commission of 5-10% of the sale price for any referrals that lead to a sale - please contact us for details.

Please see our equipment in operation

Ayash Engineering, through extensive research and development utilizes extrusion technology adapted to process low absorption dough products such as hard roll dough, tortilla dough, and even pastry & pasta dough.

Ayash Engineering manufactures a dough make-up system for the tortilla industry which eliminates the highly complicated and low production rate volumetric divider and drum rounder.




Any dividing process consists of 5 stages:

Pumping, degassing, metering, distributing and scaling

Ayash equipment is doing these 5 stages using only 2 moving parts:

The auger pumps, degasses and meters

The manifold equally divides and distributes the dough stream into multiple ports.

The rotary cut-off mechanism scales and cuts the dough stream, depositing the divided dough pieces onto the rounding belt.



Phone: (703) 585-5851
E-Mail AyashEng (at) ayash (dot) com

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